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International Scientific Conference on Engineering and Applied Sciences

 (ISCEAS 2014)



August 15-17, 2014, Singapore

The International Scientific Conference on Engineering and Applied Sciences, ISCEAS, will be held during August 15-17, 2014 in Singapore. ISCEAS will the oncoming event of the successful conference series focusing on Engineering and Applied Sciences. The scientific program will focus on current advances in the research, production and use of Engineering and Applied Sciences with particular focus on their role in maintaining academic level in Engineering and Applied Sciences and elevating the science level.

The conference's goal will to provide a scientific forum for all international prestige scholars around the world and enable the interactive exchange of state-of-the-art knowledge. The conference will focus on evidence-based benefits proven in clinical trials and scientific experiments.

At ISCEAS leading scientists present and discuss current advances in the research of Engineering and Applied Sciences. New scientific evidences that support or question the efficacy of already existing or prospective substances and applications will be conferred. In addition novel strains, controversial but scientifically solid ideas, approaches and visions presented as well.

Further to its scientific content, ISCEAS will be a networking event. A unique opportunity to meet all the related field fellow researchers of Engineering and Applied Sciences, meet those who influenced the past, influence the present and most importantly will enable the future of Sciences field by means of basic research, lab trials, regulatory efforts or development of industrial technology. Initiation of cross-boarder co-operations between scientists and institutions will be also facilitated.

Dr. Carolyn M. Hurley, University at Buffalo

Keynote Speech: Real Life Myth-busting: Identifying the Truth about Deception.

Keynote Speech:



Important Dates


Submission of Abstract  

April 30, 2014

Notification of Acceptance/ Invitation  

May 15, 2014

Registration Deadline  

June 5, 2014

Conference Date  

August 15-17,2014


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   Date : 17th May, 2014  
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